Mural in Kalimantan

Company Background
Sustainable Trade and Consulting (STC) was formed in 2009 to implement a new vision for bioenergy.  This vision is based on maximizing the use of non-food grade waste materials, partnering with small and medium sized farms, utilizing existing infrastructure, and maximizing efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.

We produce and market unique and low-cost biofuel and biomass products, and provide consulting services to clients that wish to pursue their own project and policy initiatives.

The company functions as a catalyst, designer, and implementing partner for scalable community based renewable energy projects and sustainable commodity initiatives.  Our team includes experienced energy, ago business and international trade experts.

Customers and clients choose to work with us because of our deep technical expertise and unparalleled local knowledge throughout Southeast Asia, West Africa, and the other markets we serve.  STC’s principals and associates are pioneers in developing commercially viable and sustainable international supply chain partnerships.