STC originates and implements projects worldwide in support of its product development and sales activities.  STC’s principals and associates are currently engaged in the following major projects as part of our business operations:

Lombok Energy Initiative
Since 2008, STC has been developing alternative biofuels and biomass energy options for agricultural curing kilns and other rural industries in Lombok island, Nusa Tenggara Barat province, Indonesia….Read more

Improved Livelihoods through Cacao in North Papua

Since October 2012 STC has been working in the district of Sarmi, Papua (Indonesia) to enhance the livelihoods of local cacao farmers while also conserving forest landscapes. This project, lasting until late-2014, is a key component of USAID’s Indonesia Forest and Climate Support (IFACS) Papua program, which is facilitating a shift towards low carbon development. ….. Read more

South Aceh Bio-oil Production
STC, in partnership with Forest Carbon, has developed a new paradigm for biofuel production in Indonesia by utilizing non-food grade waste streams from the oil palm industry. In the landscape of southern Aceh, which contains pristine wilderness and a plethora of invaluable flora and fauna, STC has received support from USAID under the Indonesia Forest and Climate Support (IFACS) program to actualize this vision….Read more

Integrated Bio-energy Facility in Riau, Sumatra
STC is leading a consortium of international and local organizations dedicated to reducing GHG gas emission reductions through the production of renewable energy from biomass. The project is sponsored by Energy and Environment Partnership of Indonesia, an initiative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland….Read more

Integrated Bio Energy Facility in Central Kalimantan
Building on its proven track record, STC is leading a consortium of international and local organizations all seeking to establish comprehensive a Low Emissions Development Strategy (LEDS) in the region of Central Kalimantan. This project has been undertaken with support from the Energy and Environment Partnership of Indonesia, an initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland…. Read more