Biofuel Products

Liquid Fuels
STC stands at the forefront of sustainable non-food grade liquid biofuels.  The raw materials used to produce our biofuel products are captured from waste and inefficiencies that occur during the production and processing of palm oil on existing plantations and mills.  As our raw materials are sourced from non-food grade waste, no industry expansion is required and there is no impact on the price or availability of food crops.  Furthermore, by using waste materials we address issues related to land clearance – including the conversion of tropical forest and peatland.

The term biofuel can generally be used to refer to any fuel derived from biomass – recently living material, including plant and tree products.  We offer two high-quality biofuel products:

  • Biodiesel: This can generally be used, with little or no modification, in any application that uses traditional diesel fuel, including automobiles, generators, and household heating.  Biodiesel can be used alone or blended with other fuels.  Please view or download our biodiesel specifications.
  • PowerOil: This proprietary fuel is produced from waste by-product vegetable oil, and is a low cost alternative to traditional fossil fuel, diesel, and pure refined vegetable oil.  PowerOil consists of plant oil with the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) reduced to a minimal level through an acid esterification process.  The final product contains a blend of Methyl Esters, Triglycerides, and other liquid components.  The fuel can be used in a number of stationary engine applications, including: electrical power generators, industrial steam boilers, and drying and heating machinery.