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Purchase Our Products and More Information
Please use our online Contact Form, email, or call + 62 3618022345.  We look forward to assisting you!

Product Samples
STC is able to provide proof of certificates of analysis and free product samples, as required by our customers.

Sustainable Sourcing
STC sources its raw materials from our broad network of Indonesia-based plantations, mills, and consolidators.  We directly manage all aspects of supplier qualification and verification and supply chain documentation and certification.  Also, please read the core
principles and practices we follow in developing our products.

Pricing Structure
Subject to confirmation of firm purchasing commitments and financing arrangements, STC is able to provide guaranteed price quotes for minimum quantities required. Pricing will be indexed to conventional crude palm oil (CPO) prices as publicly traded within the main palm oil commodity trading exchange Bursa Malaysia Derivates (BMD) and in public CPO auctions in Indonesia. We will provide consistent cost-effective discounts to CPO pricing depending on pending specifications for free fatty acid (FFA) and moisture and impurities (MI) percentiles.  We are able to provide price quotes and fixations to our customers on a continuous and timely basis.

Quality Guarantee
STC guarantees high-quality consistent supply to our customers by maintaining long-term supply agreements with our biofuel feedstock and biomass production partners. Our staff individually surveys and continuously monitors product quality and consistency, and we standardize all products at our contract processing, consolidation, and storage facilities in North Sumatra and Lombok. Our biomass is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and our biofuel products will meet applicable European Union (EU) and USA sustainability certification requirements in 2013.