Catalysing Cacao and Sustainable Business in Papua: STC Indonesia

With funding from both USAID and DFID, STC Indonesia is working with Papuan entrepreneurs to access sustainable global supply chains.

Jakarta, Indonesia – 31 Dec 2012 – Since 2011, Sustainable Trade and Consulting Indonesia (STC Indonesia) has been working with green entrepreneurs in Papua to incubate nascent businesses.

The program will collaborate with the Papua Green Entrepreneurs Network (PGEN), which includes innovative projects ranging from community forestry to waste management. This initiative is supported by the DFID’s UK Climate Change Unit. Ultimately, the project will result in private sector investment to scale-up these promising social enterprises.

“We are excited to pioneer business solutions by utilizing Papua’s local knowledge and indigenous abilities, not just its natural resources,” stated Shane McCarthy, agroforestry expert for STC Indonesia and project lead technical advisor.

Building upon its experience with PGEN, STC Indonesia is also leading a consortium to rejuvenate Papau’s cacao industry in the district of Sarmi. The project is part of USAID’s Indonesia Forest and Climate Support (IFACS) program.

The project will impact over 900 farmers by introducing best management practices to improve disease management and increase overall productivity. Value-added activities, such as improved processing and storage, will maximize local benefits.

STC Indonesia is partnered with Rainforest Alliance, an internal non-profit seeking to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices. Rainforest Alliance will certify the cacao allowing it to enter premium global markets.

“Papua has a long tradition of cultivation and produces a high-quality variety of cacao,” McCarthy stated. “In the media, the reports are often negative about Papua, but the opportunity for entrepreneurship at the ground level is extensive.”

Papau, Indonesia’s least developed and most politically volatile region, requires extensive socially sustainable development to improve local livelihoods and landscapes.


About STC Indonesia

Sustainable Trade and Consulting was formed in 2009 to implement a new vision for sustainable businesses and renewable energy. The company has 35 years of experience cultivating and trading spices and coffee in Indonesia, Guatemala, and parts of Africa.Visit:



About Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance seeks to keep forests standing  by ensuring that it is profitable for businesses and communities to do so. That means helping farmers, forest managers and tourism businesses realize greater economic benefits by ensuring ecosystems within and around their operations are protected, and that their workers are well-trained and enjoy safe conditions, proper sanitation, health care and housing.



Source: Matthew J Bock