EEP Awards STC Indonesia Renewable Energy Grant

eep-logo-100x66Energy and Environment Partnership (Finland) has awarded STC Indonesia 180,000 Euros to develop a waste-to-energy biomass facility in Riau.


Jakarta, Indonesia. In May 2012, the Finnish government through its Energy and Environment Partnership awarded 180,000 Euros to Sustainable Trade and Consulting Indonesia (STC Indonesia). STC Indonesia is the lead proponent in a consortium of Indonesian and international organizations. This consortium will create an integrated bio-energy generation facility that utilizes waste products from commercial and smallholder oil palm farmers in Riau, Indonesia. The project goal is to produce 10-20 MW from sustainable biomass sources while also enhancing the livelihoods of local smallholders.

“We are excited to use new technologies to utilize the ample supplies of waste biomass for sustainable energy production,” stated STC Managing Director Thomas Fricke. “There is sufficient feedstock to meet Riau’s future energy needs while reducing carbon emissions and generating extensive local benefits.”

STC Indonesia is joined in the consortium by Forest Carbon, an Indonesia forestry and conservation company; a Dutch engineering firm, Maris Projects BV; Elang, a Riau based environmental NGO that works with farmer associations on rural development, and Indonesia Clean Power Ventures (ICPV), a renewable energy business incubator. Each partner will utilize its expertise to project will implement a comprehensive model to capture multiple waste streams from the palm oil sector in order  to generate electricity through an integrated power production facility. The project commenced in May 2012 and runs until December 2013.

STC Indonesia will implement the project by bringing together the partners and directly working with government officials and local stakeholders. Forest Carbon will focus on mapping and certifying the extensive palm oil supply chain that incorporates thousands of small holder farmers in the districts of Siak. Maris projects will work with STC and ICPV’s engineering divisions to integrate the three forms of biomass – solid, gas, and liquid – maximizing the useable energy output. Overall, the project has the potential to introduce a scalable model that will be a key component of Indonesia’s future renewable energy landscape.

About STC Indonesia

Sustainable Trade and Consulting was formed in 2009 to implement a new vision for bioenergy. This vision is based on maximizing the use of non-food grade waste materials, partnering with small and medium sized farms, utilizing existing infrastructure, and maximizing efficiency throughout the entire supply chain. Visit:


About Forest Carbon

PT. Forest Carbon is an Indonesian environmental consulting and technology company that has extensive experience in ecosystem mapping, remote sensing, and satellite imagery analysis. Forest Carbon also works with companies within the natural resource management sector to implement efficient operating systems that utilize spatial mapping and GIS services. Visit:


About Maris Projects BV

Maris Projects BV is a Dutch engineering company on the cutting edge of energy projection from agricultural waste. It was founded in 1976 with expertise in processing waste to create value-added energy products. In the last years they gained experience especially in waste-to-bio-fuels and by-product processing. Visit:


Source: Matthew J Bock