Infrastructure. Supply Chain. Policy.
STC provides technical assistance and advisory services to clients along the following infrastructure, supply chain, and policy-related themes. Themes and examples of initiatives completed by STC staff and associates or currently in process are listed below.
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I. Sustainable Commodity Sector Planning and Training

Sustainable Commodity Sector planning focuses on developing national and regional strategies for emerging commodity sectors such as palm oil, non-timber forest products,  biomass, and biofuels.  STC provides business and technology planning and design services for government agencies, the private sector and NGOs.

Select Initiatives:
1. Aceh Green Sustainable Palm Oil Strategy. Read More
2. Aceh Biofuels Strategic Assessment. Read More


II. Strategic Program Development

This area of our consulting practice focuses on the design and implementation of innovative energy, food, and conservation programs. We specialize in creating multi-stakeholder initiatives and scalable community-based solutions.

Select Initiatives:
1. Technical Advisory to Fauna and Flora International.  Read More
2. Liberia RSPO National Interpretation Initiative.  Read More
3. Addressing Climate Mitigation in the Coffee Sector.  Read More
4. Development of Sustainable Business in Papua Indonesia.  Read More


III. Supply Chain Management and Infrastructure

This area focuses on assisting corporate and government clients in improving their supply chain management systems and infrastructure.  STC provides expert guidance in sustainability assessments, risk management, and sourcing strategies. Read More

Select Initiatives:
1. Seventh Generation Supply Chain Transformation.Read More
2. Learning Journey conducted for the Sustainable Food Lab. Read More


IV. Policy and Leadership Initiatives

STC staff and consultants work with government, private sector, and NGOs to create local, national, and international policy initiatives on sustainable trade issues and opportunities.  We promote visionary leadership, participatory approaches, and effective communications techniques.

Selected Initiatives:
1. Palm Oil Leadership Initiative. Read More