Aceh Biofuels Strategic Assessment

Client: USAID – Environmental Services Program.
Location: Banda Aceh and Jakarta, Indonesia.
STC principals and consultants organized and oversaw field research to conduct a strategic assessment for the development of a biofuel industry in Aceh Province of Indonesia. The primary focus was identifying opportunities for the short and long-term development of non-food grade palm oil byproducts as biofuel feedstocks. The project produced three technical reports including a background report on the development of a biofuels industry in Aceh in English and Indonesian and a technical manual (Indonesian) on the design and construction of small-scale feedstock processing plants. It also co-financed a pilot processing plant in Aceh Tamiang District in cooperation with a local entrepreneur, which is now fully operational.

The project’s key objective was to foster further investments in biofuel development in Aceh from local, regional, and international organizations. The project’s publications have generated interest and investments in setting up small-scale feedstock mills in other parts of Sumatra and Kalimantan in Indonesia.