Papua Indonesia Sustainable Business Consultances

Since 2011, Sustainable Trade and Consulting (STC) has been working closely with visionary “green” entrepreneurs, aspiring progressive business owners and farmers in Papua Indonesia to incubate nascent businesses and prepare producers and value chain industries for better practices and market positions. The project is funded by the Climate Change Unit of the UK’s Department of Internal Finance and International Development (DFID) and coordinated through Papua’s Provincial Department of Economic Development (“Bappeda”).

STC is focusing its efforts on three types of promising green enterprises: holistic cocoa production, locally controlled community forestry, and sago production for value added products. STC’s services include providing technical training, ideas, system frameworks, and mentoring to green entrepreneurs to improve their overall business skills and the production, processing and marketing of their products.



STC began by identifying local green entrepreneurs and potential industries in Papua and has partnered and/or collaborated with the Papua Green Entrepreneurs Network (PGEN), and several local business-oriented NGOs to do so. With this collaboration and an eye on viable products and markets STC has strived to develop and promote innovative, locally appropriate business models which will ultimately result in private sector investment to scale-up the most promising social enterprises.

“We are excited to pioneer sustainable business solutions which incorporate Papua’s unique local systems and people, not just its natural resources,” stated Shane McCarthy, agroforestry advisor and project manager for STC Indonesia.

Papua is Indonesia’s least developed but most resource rich region, and will require innovative and socially sustainable development to improve local livelihoods and landscapes.